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No snoozin’ after boozin
May 24, 2008, 2:45 am
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Hello World! Little did I know about the world of blogging aside from the fact it could be a grand new hobby to replace wiping out weekends on the booze….

What? I hear you ask? No I am not fresh from an AA meeting I am newly pregnant, first time, freaked out and have had a sad realisation that much of my life has been spent (on the weekends anyway) being highly nocturnal, social creature… drinking and smoking enough to ensure the days of the weekend are spent in some sort of slumber…. this has gone on for years. I did have the guilts that I was wasting my life and my talents and somewhere nagging in my head has been the thought I could be a writer….. getting shattered on the weekends, I believe, was my SABOUTEOUR out to stop me from being who I can…. well buddy, I am pregnant now and off the stuff… now I am going to write, write, write and tap into the creative being that looms within….. I can see clearly now the pubs are gone…. I can see all possibilities in my way… hope I can make it now that escaping is gone…… having a baby and a book is just 7 months away…..